A Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner

Full-time wedding planners typically handle anywhere from 8 to more than 20 weddings a years, according to many of the wedding planner associations.  So it’s very likely that in a typical day, a wedding planner could be working on two to three upcoming weddings.

As an example, a professional wedding planner working on two active weddings, one 6 months away and second just over a week away, would have the following responsibilities to deal with in a typical day.

The planner would want to review the status of both ongoing weddings to priorities for the day.  The wedding that is just a week away would take up more time however the planner would still have to make sure that critical decisions needed for the wedding 6 months out have been made to keep things on track.

For the wedding a week away, it would be time to touch base with all vendors.  Morning is often a good time to make these types of calls to get people before the day gets too hectic.  In checking in with the vendors, the wedding planner would need to confirm all the details of the vendor’s responsibilities and make sure the arrival and set up times are understood.  For the caterers and venues, final guest lists need to be provided, menus confirmed, set-up details and timelines reviewed.  With the photographer, the planner would need to make sure that all the moments and special settings the brides wants captured are clear and the photographer is ready to accommodate them.

This is also the time for the wedding planner to make sure payment arrangements have been made for the vendors.  In some case it may be taking care of balances due the day of or making sure they have credit cards on file and know when to process the final payments.

When it comes to the bride, the week before is typically the big hand holding week for the planner.  It’s time to make sure the bride has her dress or delivery is confirmed.  Make sure shoes are broken in and all accessories have been finalized.  Often the planner could be responsible for getting a spa appointment and confirming the make-up and hair stylists. The wedding planner would also want to do a final review of the timeline and all responsibilities of the wedding party with the bride and then make sure it’s distributed to the wedding party and they understand what’s expected and when.

Making sure the bride is prepared for the rehearsal and wedding also entails duties such as making sure she has packed for the honeymoon.  Often guests start coming in days before the event and the couple’s time is filled with family and friends so the planner needs to make sure the bride is prepared as much as possible in advance so there are no last minute hectic moments.  This, of course, reduces chances of things going wrong.

If the bride has chosen welcome baskets or favors, the planner would want to make sure all these items are in, put together and ready to go.  Also, the planner would want to make sure her emergency kit is ready to go.  A planner’s emergency kit has backups and fixes for anything the planner can imagine might go wrong.  This kit would contain everything from the obvious like a sewing kit and first aid to things like back up jewelry and accessories, wipes and spot cleaning products.

For the wedding that is 6 months away, now is the time to send out the save the date cards and make sure the invitations are finalized and being printed.  This is also about the time that the planner needs to make sure flowers have been chosen and the florist has the order.  The planner would need to meet with the bride to start working on a timeline for all components of the event so transportation arrangements can be handled.  Interviewing, if necessary, and making a final decision on the officiant is typically done about 6 months out so the planner would need to make these arrangements with the engaged couple.  Bridesmaid dresses should be selected by this time and the planner will need to coordinate with the bridesmaids to make sure they get their dresses ordered to allow time for alterations.

However, the planner will still need to keep an eye on the future.  So a planner who is diligent about keeping up ongoing marketing and networking efforts might also include attending a local chamber of commerce event in the day.  Through networking groups such as this one would be able to make a lot of contacts in the business and social communities.  Volunteering for event committees or charity events is also a good way to both meet people and showcase professional planning abilities.

A professional full-time wedding planner with one eminent wedding and one wedding six months out will definitely have plenty on the to do list for a typical day.

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